EK Chain

EK Chain was developed in 1978 as the first extended bushing or "space chain". EK Chain combines the qualities of high tensile strength, low wear, impact resistance, anti-kinking performance and fatigue toughness to produce the best racing kart chain available. Target Distributing is proud to be the sole North American Importer for EK Kart Chain. 


EK (Enuma Chain) was established in 1941 as a roller chain manufacturer. EK is devoted to advancing technology and engineering and made significant investments to modernize production facilities to adapt to rapidly changing market demands. With 70 years of dedication to research and development and a focus on quality, EK is a trusted brand known worldwide. Continuous efforts on improvement of the engineering and technology, and quality and manufacturing processes have enabled EK to offer a wide range of products such as micro pitch chains, a broad line of power transmission roller chains, high strength chains for construction machineries and special application chains.

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EK Standard #35 Kart Chain - 106 links
EK Standard #35 Kart Chain - 120 link
Standard #35 Kart Chain - 10 FT
Standard #35 Kart Chain - 100 ft
Silver Pro #35 Kart Chain - 106 Link
Silver Pro #35 Kart Chain - 120 link
#35 Silver Pro Kart Chain - 10 ft
#35 Silver Pro Kart Chain - 100 ft
Master Link for EK #35 SIlver Pro Kart Chain
HT #35 Kart Chain - 106 Links
#35 HT Kart Chain - 120 Links
#35 HT Kart Chain - 10 FT
HT Kart Chain - 100 FT
Master Link for EK #35 HT Kart Chain
#219 Standard Kart Chain - 114 Links
#219 Standard Kart Chain - 10ft
#219 Silver Pro Kart Chain - 114 Links
#219 Silver Pro Kart Chain - 10 FT
#40 Kart Racing Chain - 10ft
Master Link for EK #40 Racing Chain