Zamp Helmets

Since 2000, Zamp-Racing has Designed Helmets with a Focus on the Needs of the Racers Who Wear Them.

From the Level of Protection to the Versatility of Features, Zamp is Always Focused on the Needs of Everyday Racer's Right Down to their Budget by Producing a Helmet with the Largest Value at Each Price Point. 

All Zamp Helmet's Feature:

  • Removable and Washable Liners which Can be Used to Provide a More Custom Fit
  • Safety Standard Ratings from DOT to FIA Rating. Each Helmet has Undergone Rigorous Testing for Its Application
  • A full Line of Accessories from Shields and Replacement Liners to Communications and Hydration

Youth Helmets

Zamp is Committed to Providing the Highest Level of Safety Possible Especially for the Future Generation of Drivers.

Per the CMR2016 Rating, Any Child with a Head Circumference Under 60cm Should Wear a Designated Youth Helmet

Zamp-Racing Realizes the Different Needs a Youthful Driver has When Looking for a Helmet. Their is a reason the Snell Foundation and FIA Created the Standards CM Rating, A Requirement for all Children's Motor Sports Safety Equipment. Youth Helmets under go a Different Series of Tests and Have a Different Set of Rules based on the protection needs of the young growing driver. 

These Requirements Include, but are Not Limited To:
  • Maximum Helmet Weight
  • Minimum Degree of Peripheral Vision
  • Specific Shell Sizes for 4 Different Head Circumferences

Zamp is Committed to Continuous Improvement in Safety and Offers an Accident Replacement Program

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Replacement Cheek Pads for Zamp FS8 / FS9 Helmets
Pivot Kit Shield Retention Kit) for Zamp FS8 / FS9 Helmets
Z-19 Shield for Zamp FS8 / FS9 Helmets
Zamp RZ-37Y Youth Helmet - Black
Zamp RZ-37Y Youth Helmet - White
Zamp RZ-42Y Youth Helmet - Gloss Black
Zamp RZ-42Y Youth Helmet - Blue / Orange Graphic
Zamp RZ-42Y Youth Helmet - Green / Silver Graphic
Zamp RZ-42Y Youth Helmet - White
Chin Spoiler for Zamp RZ62, 64C, 65D, & 60
Pivot Kit for Zamp Z-20 Series Shields
Rear Helmet Spoiler for Zamp RZ62, 64C, 65D & RZ60
Replacement Cheek Pads for Zamp RZ-42, RZ-44, RZ-60, RZ-62
Replacement Crown Liner for Zamp RZ-42,RZ-44,RZ-60 & RZ-62
RZ-37Y Youth Black / Gray Graphic
RZ-37Y Youth Purple / Pink Graphic
Zamp Chin Curtain / Breath Deflector
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Flat Black
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Blue / Silver Graphic
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Gloss Black
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Neon Green / Black Graphic
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Neon Orange / Black Graphic
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Red / Black Graphic
Zamp FS9 Helmet - Silver / Matte Black Graphic