Excellence Througout™

For over 60 Years NORAM, The North American Clutch Corporation, has provided clients in diverse markets around the world the highest quality products. The company provides innovative and technologically superior centrifugal clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transfer system solutions to global markets like construction, lawn and garden, go kart, small utility vehicle, marine and manufacturing.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certified
NORAM is dedicated to providing kart racers with versatility and products tuned to fit each kart and track's unique characteristics. The majority of their product line is manufactured in-house at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility. NORAM continues to display a 
strong commitment to the kart racing market. Several years ago the acquisition of the Premier Performance, Inc.® product line broadened their spectrum of product offerings.

Support for Kart Racers
Since the start Briggs & Stratton's LO206 Racing Program NORAM has provided support to the series and ultimately the individual racer. They currently have 4 NORAM clutches on the approved list for competition under Briggs & Stratton Racing's LO206 Rule Set. In addition, they have been a major sponsor of both the Cup Karts North America Series and Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racer Program. Both programs that display a strong commitment to supporting the hobbyist karting family through extensive prize and giveaway packages. 

North American Distributor
Target Distributing is proud to be the North American Distributor for NORAM products. A high level of technical assistance for the NORAM clutch line is provided through our partnership. We are always willing to share the experience and knowledge we have gained as a result of years of karting experience and personal use of the NORAM products on track.